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Chocolatherapy main objective is to hydrate and nourish our skin achieving a draining action, reducing the stress levels, providing elasticity to our skin and preventing cellulite. It will also contribute to your health with vitamin A, E, some of group B, and minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, among others.

Chocolate is consumed orally or through the skin and is directly linked to serotonin, which is responsible for providing us with the feelings of tranquility, relaxation and happiness in our day to day. Benefits: Stimulation of the senses, better mood and tranquility, smooth and elastic skin, increased blood circulation, and general well-being.


Relaxing back massage has a long tradition, it has been applied for thousands of with increasing effectiveness and quality, since like everything else. It also evolves becoming better for the patient.

Relaxing back massage alone requires patience, dedication, and a timely propitious environment for it to take effect. Benefits: Lower level of stress, relaxation of less overload on the muscles of the back and mood improvement in general.


Hot stone massage or geothermal therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with the application of stones at different temperatures on the skin, to facilitate the flow of vital energy and thus alleviate physical and emotional disorders.

Benefits: Reduction and pain relief through direct action on the chakras that are in charge of transmitting the sensation of pain to the nervous receptors that make us aware of it. Elimination of toxins from the skin through sweating, produced by the high temperature of the stones. and improvement of the circulatory system. The combination of both factors, to the action of the massage and the difference temperatures of the stones, makes our blood circulation active.


The legs massage, depending on the purpose to be sought, can be of several types: relaxing, draining, lymphatic, anticellulite, and reaffirming. In each of these cases the objective is different, the type of manipulation is specific and as the results obtained.


Benefits: Improves muscle tone, reduces muscle flaccidity, improves blood microcirculation, totally painless, long lasting results and eliminates fluid retention.


Relaxing massages are manual treatment that is applied firmly and progressively in order to discharge the accumulated tension on the body and calm the mind. Originally intended for the purpose of relaxing muscles, relaxing massages, as well as other manual treatments, develop different technical movements and harmonic maneuvers, in order to physically stimulate the body and generate beneficial reactions of the muscular, biological, metabolic and even psychological level.

Benefits: Combat stress, relaxation of muscle tone, dispel tension and worries, eliminate dead skin cells, acquire better postural education, and relieve discomfort from poor postures.


Aromatherapy is a particular branch of herbalism, which uses concentrated plant oils called essential oils to improve physical or mental health or both. Unlike plants used in herbalism, essential oils are not ingested but are inhaled or applied to the skin.

Benefits: Antivirals, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-infectious, relief from stress and anxiety, soothing and sedative, pain relief, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, strengthens all systems of the body, including immune and respiratory. They penetrate and repair damaged tissues, including DNA, energizing, increase mental acuity, anti-aging and aid longevity.


Facial massage is a very relaxing massage, which, by massaging the acupuncture facial areas, improves the blood circulation of the face making the skin appear luminous and radiant. Performed by professional aesthetic hands, it helps recover a good muscular functionality and in its therapeutic modality can even recover of neuronal lesions.

Benefits: Stimulates the formation of collagen, oxygenates the skin of the face and neck, allows the facial muscle layer to maintain firmness, smoothness and elasticity, and the effects of beauty creams increase if applied during or after massage.


Reflexology of the hand is the practice of working the reflex areas of the hand to influence the rest of the body, applying pressure techniques on the hand to interrupt the tension, acting through communication with the body in their own language.

The hand reflexology, as a complement or action parallel to the foot, constitutes a professional technique highly evolved, as far as diagnosis and treatment is concerned. Benefits: Good results in a short time, contribute to the elimination of toxins, relaxing, improves circulation, reduces stress, strengthens defenses and revitalizes energy.


Reflexology is a type of alternative medicine that involves applying physical pressure to the feet through a system that reflect a part of the body in the feet, in order to improve discomforts. Foot reflexology produces a stimulation of the body’s defenses through the sole of the foot, and favors the elimination of waste and toxic substances, stimulating the body’s natural regulation processes, so that it can be applied to any patient as complementary therapy.

Benefits: It stimulates the circulatory system, produces evacuation of toxins, stimulates the endocrine system, decreases spinal diseases, stress, and anxiety.

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